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About Us

Freshness Delivered Worldwide

NGK Trading emerges as one of India’s top fruit traders, specializing in sourcing premium fruits globally. Our robust distribution network, refined over decades, ensures the nationwide delivery of fresh, top-quality fruits, solidifying our position among the top fruit traders in India.

What we do?

At NGK Trading, we take pride in being a leading player in the Indian fruit trading industry. Our expertise lies in the comprehensive import and distribution of a diverse range of fresh fruits, supported by an extensive distribution network and a firm commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Procurement and Distribution

We specialize in importing a wide variety of high-quality fruits from around the world.

We ensure that these fruits are sourced directly from trusted growers and are subjected to stringent quality checks to maintain their freshness.

Extensive Distribution Network

We boast a robust and efficient distribution network that spans across major Indian cities,

This extensive network ensures the timely delivery of fresh produce to retailers, wholesalers, and even directly to consumers. We utilize advanced logistics solutions, including to maintain the quality and freshness of the fruits during transit​

Quality and Customer Satisfaction

We place a strong emphasis on quality control and customer satisfaction.

Our commitment to quality and customer service has earned us a loyal customer base and a reputation as one of the

Exclusive Imports/Sourcing

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  USA   |   Chile   |   Italy   |   South Africa   |   New Zealand   |   Brazil   |   Turkey   |   Poland   |   Portugal   |   Serbia   |   Canada   |   Argentina   |   Tanzania   |   Kenya   |   Australia   |   Peru   |   Georgia   |   China   |   Greece   |   Egypt   |   Uruguay   |   Morocco   |   Spain   |   Thailand   |
  USA   |   Chile   |   Italy   |   South Africa   |   New Zealand   |   Brazil   |   Turkey   |   Poland   |   Portugal   |   Serbia   |   Canada   |   Argentina   |   Tanzania   |   Kenya   |   Australia   |   Peru   |   Georgia   |   China   |   Greece   |   Egypt   |   Uruguay   |   Morocco   |   Spain   |   Thailand   |

Why Choose NGK?

Elevate your experience with NGK—pioneering partnerships, market expertise, and unrivaled diversity.
Exclusive Harvest Ties

Cultivating quality through exclusive partnerships with growers for over 12-15 years. Our commitment ensures fresh, top-notch fruits delivered across India.

Market understanding

Unlocking market potential across India, empowering international fruit brands to expand their footprint. Benefit from our in-depth market understanding.

Extensive distribution network

Top Fruit Traders with an extensive reach. Our efficient supply chain connects retailers and wholesalers, expanding to new towns regularly.

Complete fruit basket

Transforming the fruit basket into a palate adventure. From popular apples to rare rambutans, indulge your desires for exotic flavors with NGK Trading.

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