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Design & Development

Expert Commercial Kitchen Design & Development with Skill Smith Consulting

At Skill Smith Consulting, we understand that the heart of any restaurant lies in its kitchen. That’s why we offer top-notch Commercial Kitchen Design & Development services to ensure your kitchen operates at peak efficiency, tailored to your unique needs and menu requirements.

Why Choose Our Chef Consultants

Our seasoned Chef consultants have vast experience in designing commercial kitchens for both new restaurant openings and existing restaurant refreshes. When it comes to selecting the right equipment and creating an efficient layout, you can trust our veterans to get it right the first time. We leverage our excellent connections with various suppliers to get you the best pricing on all your kitchen requirements.

The Importance of Professional Chef Consultants

Commercial Kitchen Design is a specialized field that should never be left to interior designers or kitchen supply companies. Here are some of the key benefits of working with our professional Chef consultants:

Strategic Layout

We start by understanding your menu and the process of execution. This critical first step allows us to assess the layout of your kitchen strategically. With our expertise, your back-of-house will be able to flawlessly execute your menu style while maximizing service speed.

Ergonomic Staff Flow

Efficient kitchen design goes beyond aesthetics. Our team carefully plans the flow of your kitchen based on the interactions between front and back of the house. This ensures that staff move through the space with ease, minimizing accidents, reducing repetitive movement, and increasing overall labor efficiency.

Smart Equipment Selection

With a thorough understanding of your menu and concept, we guide you in making smart equipment choices. Our goal is to help you understand the necessary purchases and where to invest your budget wisely. Unlike some kitchen equipment distributors, we will never upsell you on expensive custom pieces you may not need. Your layout and budget dictate our recommendations, not profit margins.

Regulation Compliance

Adhering to local Occupational Health and Safety regulations is paramount. We ensure your kitchen design complies with strict guidelines related to sanitation, proper food storage, handwashing stations, waste handling protocols, and more. Understanding these regulations early in the design process can save you money in the long run.

Put Your Trust in Skill Smith Consulting

When it comes to Commercial Kitchen Design & Development, Skill Smith Consulting stands out as your trusted partner. Let our experienced Chef consultants create a kitchen that enhances productivity, optimizes space, and aligns perfectly with your restaurant’s concept. Contact us today to discuss your kitchen design needs and take the first step towards a high-performing and efficient kitchen.