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Menu Development & Engineering

At Skill Smith Canada, we understand that your menu is the heart and soul of your restaurant. Whether you run a pub, a quick-service burger joint, or a fine-dining establishment, the difference between an ordinary menu and an outstanding one is paramount to your success.

Menu Development: Elevate Your Offerings

Our menu development services involve creating an underlying structure and strategically curating offerings that align perfectly with your concept and brand. Our on-staff Chefs collaborate with your team to test and develop a 10 out of 10 menu that maximizes the value proposition for your guests. Your menu is one of the most critical customer touchpoints, and we can help you knock it out of the park.

Benefits of Menu Development:


Strengthen Your Offerings

Our team ensures that your menu offerings fit perfectly with your brand and guest expectations, elevating your restaurant's reputation and customer satisfaction.


Streamline Kitchen Operations

We help you hone your menu offerings for ease of execution, allowing your kitchen to run more smoothly and efficiently while effectively managing inventory.


Solidify Your Concept

Your menu harmoniously complements your restaurant's name, location, and brand, creating a memorable dining experience for your guests.

Menu Engineering: Maximize Profitability

Menu engineering is a strategic review of your menu to identify items that are both popular and profitable. We work with you to ensure that your entire menu is properly recipe’d and costed, leading to increased bottom-line profitability.

Benefits of Menu Engineering:


Maximize Menu Profit

Our approach typically increases your profit by 3-4% of sales, optimizing your offerings to maximize revenue and profitability.


Improve Guest Experience

Engineering your menu based on items with strong margins and guest appeal ensures that your guests enjoy high-quality dishes that also contribute to your bottom line.


Streamline Inventory

By focusing on menu items that perform well, we help your team streamline inventory management and reduce waste.

QuaM Graph: Visualize Your Menu's Impact

With our QuaM graph, you can visually understand how each menu item contributes to your profit over time. Items with high popularity and profitability, known as “Star” items, can be promoted more often, while underperforming items, or “Dogs,” can be reworked or adjusted to enhance profitability.

Take Your Menu to New Heights with Skill Smith Canada

If you’re ready to elevate your menu from ordinary to exceptional, Skill Smith Canada is here to help. Our expertise in menu development and engineering ensures that your restaurant thrives by delivering a delightful guest experience and maximizing your profitability. Contact us today to explore how we can transform your menu into a culinary masterpiece that keeps guests coming back for more.