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Ready to Start , lets Map out the Journey

At SkillSmith Canada, we understand that behind every successful restaurant lies a powerful and memorable concept. We believe in setting you up for success from Day One by creating a strong and captivating restaurant concept.
Concept Development involves crafting the overall offering of your business. This process goes hand-in-hand with the Business Plan, where we assess the financial viability and potential return of your concept. Additionally, it aligns closely with Brand Development, ensuring a seamless connection between your concept and brand identity.
During group meetings, we delve into various discussion points to establish the big picture and, as your opening date approaches, delve into finer details. Some key topics we explore include:
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Concept & Target Audience

The target audience comprises aspiring and established restaurateurs seeking expert guidance for success.

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Size of Space

Determining the ideal size and layout for your restaurant to optimize efficiency and ambiance


Style of Operation

Defining the nature and theme of your restaurant, whether it's casual, fast-casual or an upscale fine dining concept.


Style of Service

Outlining the service approach, from table service to counter service or self-service options.


Flow of Operation

Designing the flow and organization of your restaurant to enhance customer experience and staff efficiency.

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Generalized Layout

Creating a preliminary layout plan to visualize the restaurant's seating arrangement, kitchen, and other functional areas.

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Audio/Visual Requirements

Considering audio and visual elements to complement your restaurant's ambiance and theme.


Take-out Program (if applicable)

Developing a take-out program to cater to customers who prefer dining at home.


Menu Style / General Content

Crafting a menu that aligns with your concept and satisfies your target audience.


Menu Board Options (For QSR Operation)

Implementing effective menu board options for quick-service restaurants.

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Look & Feel: Designing staff uniforms that reflect your brand's image and create a cohesive visual identity.


Beverage Program

Strategizing both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage offerings to complement your menu and the target customer.


Linen / Smallwares / Glasswares

Selecting appropriate linen, smallwares, and glasswares that match your concept and menu design


Staffing Model

Determining the optimal staffing structure to efficiently run your restaurant in sync with the overall budget.

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Guest Experience Design

Our focus extends beyond physical spaces; we design holistic guest experiences.

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